1I want to sign up but I don't know my schedule yet...
No problem! Book with a tentative date and reschedule later! Rescheduling with us is always free, and is as easy as the click of a button!
2I dont have a pistol/rifle/etc yet, can I still take a class from you?
We have firearms available for client use. No extra fee is required.
3I want to bring my own pistol/rifle, what do you recommend?
Clients are welcome to bring any firearm with which they would like to become more proficient. Certain considerations may need to be made based on caliber or type. Let your instructor know what you intend to bring before the day of class.
4Do you teach gun cleaning?
We do not charge our clients to learn cleaning or maintenance. Ask your instructor for some quick tips, or drop your firearm off for thorough cleaning with a small fee.
5Can I bring my own ammo or do I have to buy it from you?
Clients can provide their own ammunition provided it is non-magnetic factory in-the-box ammo (reloads not permitted). Otherwise, clients must purchase ammunition either from their instructor or at the range. Ammo prices vary but remain competitive.
6Do you have military/leo discount?
Active duty military and LEO half off first class
7Do you work with kids?
Private instruction can be provided for children ages 7 and up with parental supervision.
8I'm nervous around guns. Do I have to shoot?
Our primary focus is on safety and safe handling. We will walk you through the need-to-knows in order for you to feel calm and confident around firearms. We specialize in working with first-time gun owners and shooters and will proceed at your pace. Start your journey on our virtual simulator and save ammo!
9I want to compete. What do I need? What can we work on?
Sword and Mind can provide a private session during which we will practice various competition-specific drills, and discuss the ins and outs of competitive shooting. If desired, an instructor will accompany you to your first match.
10What if I need to cancel / reschedule?
Generally we do not charge for rescheduling. Last minute changes or no-shows are up to instructor discretion as far as refund. No refunds for withdrawals or cancellations - however we are willing to convert your fee into a gift certificate which can be given to a friend or family member if you choose to cancel your classes. Serious extenuating circumstances will receive a full refund.
11I did not receive a confirmation email.
Be sure to check your junk folder / spam filter. If you still have not received an email, please contact us.
12You have a money back guarantee?
Yep! If you're brave enough to tell us you didn't find anything of value in one of our classes, we will happily refund you the full amount. Don't worry, we won't be armed!
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